Franks Video Productions

                                            Our Services

Corporate and Industrial:        Event Videography:

Employee Training                                      Personnel, Special Events & Occasion 

Safety Video                                              or Celebration, Birthday, Anniversary,

Environmental & Waste Management          Wedding, Engagement, or whatever  

Food Preparation & Presentation                the Party

Corporate Meetings

Recitals & Theatrical:                    Funerals:

Music Recitals                                            Celebrating the Life of a loved one.

School Plays                                               We record a funeral with respect &

Theatrical Productions                               dignity from the back of the church or

Dance Recital                                             hall and from a distance at the grave site

Promotional Video:                         Video Transfer & Conversions:

Product Presentations at Trade Shows      Conversion of any type of Home Movie

Show you Customer the Quality,                8 mm, Super 8, with or without sound

Durability of your Product & Services        16 mm, S-VHS, VHS, Beta, Video 8 or

                                                                 Digital 8 to DVD.

Sports:                                                    European Video

Any kind of sports event, indoor or                          Conversions

outdoor from Hockey to Lawn Bowling               



    You can also sit with us

        and edit your own

Movies, Tapes or Production

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